Current Exhibition
Buffet and the 1940s and 1950s
- Art Confronts the Absurd part.Ⅱ-

- March 5, 2017

fireplaceNude Man at a Fireplace,
oil on canvas, 1947

This is the second version of the exhibition "Buffet and the 1940s and 1950s - Art Confronts the Absurd".

Buffet's early period work, produced through the 1950s, used motifs such as solitary, towering human figures or skinned animals suspended in midair executed ina consistent, controlled tone combined with lines boldly slashing across the canvas. At the end of the 1940s, the flourishing jazz music scene at cafes and bars in Saint-Germain-des-Pré embodied the freedom of liberated Paris, and young people were inspired by Jean-Paul Sartre's existentialism.
In the art world, a stream of artists passionately searched for their own unique modes of expression in a space where the scent of the École de Paris still lingered. Buffet's early work reflects the explosive energy of this period in which intelligence and passion, refinement and crudity overlapped. This exhibition explores both the background to Buffet's early work and what it is that gives these paintings their enormous impact.

Here you can enjoy the powerful resonance between the young Buffet's tableaux and the era in which he produced these works.

Robert Doisneau and the portraits of the era
-Que ma joie demeure -

Through January 17,(Tue) 2017

La baiser de l'Hotel de Ville, Paris, 1950

This is the first exhibition ever to be held in Japan focusing on Robert Doisneau's famous series of "Portraits of the Artists". Almost 140 works exhibited in the exhibition also include "the classic" images of the photographer selected by Atelier Robert Doisneau.

Robert Doisneau (1912-1994) , is one of the most celebrated humanist photographer of France, known for catching everyday small dramas exquisitely and describedas "the angler of the image."
Doisneau expressively photographed the best scenes of lovers in Paris, and children on the street, with humor and the satire. His photographs have always been full with love and curiosity to the humans demonstrating his unique ability to find and frame charismatic characters of artists, ordinary people's lives with humor and affection. His works are loved worldwide and throughout the times.

Upcoming Events

left:Clementine Deroudile
(photo by Rita Scaglia)
right:Toshiyuki Horie
(photo by Kiyoshi Mori)

Public Reading with Robert Doisneau's text and images
December 4 (sun), 2016
at Clematis-no-oka Hall

Language: French and Japanese (with translation)
Admission: Free (require reservation)

Clematis-no-oka Hall is located in the Vangi Sculpture and Garden Museum area. Ask for information.


Clementine Deroudille
(Doisneau's granddaughter, curator, journalist,writer, movie director)
Toshiyuki Horie
(writer, French literature, Professor of Waseda University)

In this event, we welcome Clementine Deroudille, the granddaughter of Doisneau and Mr. Toshiyuki Horie who is a Japanese version translator of "Incomplete Lens"written by Robert Doisneau.
Following the reading session of Doisneau's text and the projection of images, the two speakers will talk about the photographer's life and his sensitivity to words. This special event will give a deeper understanding of the photographer's life and his works.